Essence Landscape—Notecards $20
12 blank notecards (six images from nature) with white envelopes

Seekers, India—Notecards $10
6 blank notecards (three images from Dharamsala, India) with white envelopes
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Meditation CD $20
Narrated by Ann Ladd, this CD explores the seven stages of a woman’s spiritual journey.
Includes 2 blank notecards with envelopes. Please specify notecard images: nature or India.
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                                                        2009 Wall Calendar $22
                                                        With full color images, this wall calendar includes an overview
                                                        of the stages and space for journaling. (Available August 2008)
                                                        Preorder now until June $18
                                                        5 or more calendars $15 each

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